The Definition….Pudin’s

The definition of “pudin’“. Pudin’ means the eccense of being happy in the moment for a minute, for an hour. When you are happy you greet people by saying “hey pudin'”. When you are not happy, you do not say it. When you are down you do not say it. It lets the other party know something in your life is wrong.

It is the saying that I have gotten my group of friends hooked on and now they greet me with hey pudin. Pudin’ does NOT mean the actual term “pudding” because I am not calling people by the creamy filling in a cake or disposable plastic cup. As you can see it is shorting without the second D and G meaning that it will now be a new word with MORE meaning. So….

Hey PUDIN’s!


Till next time…. Bye Pudin’s

——Kalel King


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