Emotional Rollercoaster of A Past Life

By: Marcus J. King

My life was invoked by my past and I truly can say it was a real roller coaster of joy, pain, lost, and passion all on one ride.

I was high and mighty about this particular ride, not knowing what type of future it would give me, I enjoy its company and it enjoyed mine. I and this roller coaster were tight and unbreakable. Kings of Thieves, Ride and me! LOL I began to catch some serious feelings for this ride and so . . . . .

The ride begin so easily as I was taken away very slowly and then the ride begin to move faster until it was too late to see what I should have saw a long time ago. My heart stepped over my brain sad to say.

It began so fast and never ending that when it time for others to get on, the ride wouldn’t allow it or at least it wouldn’t allow for me to get off . . . .

I wanted the best out of this ride and so when it was time to get off on 1 or 2 occasions, I didn’t get off, I kept going another round.

And another and another and another, not really knowing if this ride was taken me anyway or for granted.

Not knowing if it would lead me a future of always liking this particular ride. I will say, I LOVED this ride dearly for a LONG time. It had my heart in the air so high that I couldn’t grab it to hold it tight. LOL it had me in Cloud 9 and I didn’t want to fall back.

I only wanted the best of this ride. Time pasted . . . . And things happen and we are Human and make mistakes as Brandy put it.

Even when the ride, began to get rocky and ruff, I stayed on it and wanted to progress more, by this time I didn’t know why I was still on this ride because love for it had disappeared.

My heart was no longer in the air, I was just seating waiting to get off because the ride itself had gotten worse and I began not to trust it anymore because of the past rockiness it had took me for.

The ride itself needed some work, maybe an oil change on the wheels, brake pads for the stop and go times, some new padded seats, tighter seat belts, stronger chest protectors . . .

It just needed more work and effort that I couldn’t fix on my own but the ride continued and never stopped to get fixed or repaired just for a little bit for it’s many flaws.

One day, I began to get old and wrinkly. When it was time for me to get off no one wanted to get on but when they did get on they wanted to get off it.

I left that ride on that cold and brisk day as an old man not knowing where life has gone and past.

As I left the ride, I began to get younger and more flexible in my stance, walk, and agility. My mind began to be filled with all that I missed and loved. All that was going to happen for me came at an instance, starting the ride at 21 year old to a 120 year old man back to a 23 year old.

Yes I was on that ride for a while but it felt like eternity kept me there because it reassured me (of its purpose) but it was never enough.

I looked back at that ride, seeing it go round and round hoping that the next riders understand when it was time to get off. A lot of times it made me feel invisible, as Jennifer Hudson put it in her song.
With that, I get to do as I want to, live as I would like to live, do as I would like to do, play as I would like to play, & walk as I would like to walk . . . . . . . . . Because I am no longer trapped on that ride.

I will say that the roller coaster ride taught me lessons of life, joy, and pain! I do not regret any of it, because I had to go though this ride to prepare me for my next. I dearly do care for that ride and hope for the best as it takes someone else for a ride that I hope they expect.


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