Amerie: In Love and War CD Review

Hey everyone! Ok let’s get down to it. Me personally, I LOVE me some Amerie. She is top on my list and it doesn’t come to some surprise that I LOVE her new CD that has came out today. I just had to get it. This CD is for anyone but more so if you are in a relationship or have been in a relationship that was good and bad at the same time. O-M-G…I don’t know where to start.
Track 1-Tell Me you Love Me is pretty good….don’t know if I would have start with this one but it has a rock/soul, kinda hip feel for Amerie’s taste.
Track 2-Heard Em All……This one is a get up and dance song. It has just the right beat. Amerie’s vocals are great (as always). I think this should have been her first debut single for the CD.
Track 3-Dangerous….Not too much of a fan for this one. It may grow on me later.
Track 4-Higher….I personally like the rough beat that it was given me. Something to pop my head to. Good meaning too!
Track 5-Why R U…..her debut song for the CD…coo old skool feel  but still I think Heard Em All should have been first. My opinion.
Track 6-Pretty Brown….This song came from an old skool song with a Amerie’s twist on it. Trey Songz is singing with her and it just makes it a great love song. Good combination I must say.
Track 7-More Than Love…Amerie and Fabulous sing this song and it all about Not trusting in your mate enough to making love with that person.(Fav.)
Track 8-Swag Back…..Another fav. of mine. Its talking about overcoming the hardache from the relationship and doing you and moving on.
Track 9-Your a Star Interlude…This song pulls from a previous song she did “Make me Feel” but redone a a smoother way. I like this one better but its short. Very HOT! Basically telling your mate. you’re the one for me.
Track 10-Red Eye…..I just adore this song so much. She is given me sexy without given me sexy. This song is to me, wanting a guy in every way possible and letting him fly with you emotionally and sexually. Smooth and sexy.
Track 11-The Flowers….Another Favorite….She is saying that he should have done this and that in the relationship and now its over, it just a little to late for flowers; Taken advantage of the relationship.
Track 12-Different People….This song is like “Pain me Over” but like this one is part 2 of that song. It just so wonderful. A person is trying to change but can’t accept the fact that both of you are two different people; in the beginning acting one way and then change after time to someone different that you didn’t fall in love with.  (Another favorite cause I been there)
Track 13-Dear John…..A letter telling him that its over and its not going to work out no more; telling him how you felt about the relationship and how he “F” it all up and now I have to go. (Again…another favorite)
Track 14 Heard Em All Remix—STRAIGHT UP HOTNESS FOR THE CLUB with Weezy (Lil Wayne) on the track.

This CD is just so HOT. I like them all. They have personal meaning to me also but like I said I’m sure anyone who is in a relationship or out of a relationship can relate to most, if not, all the songs on the CD.
Till next time…if you have more questions about it…email me:


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