A new goal with a long term meaning

Okay, as some of you may know I am going to DeVry for school. Yea Me! I will have my own businesses and be rich and powerful and have a loving husband who supports me in the process or “I can do bad all by myself.” Anyway, LOL, as we talked before about the guy that I am loving right now. He makes me happy and that’s something that I will always adore.
We have made plans to move to Charlotte, NC come April 2010. ( Will keep everyone up to date) for now I must find a second job in order to pay for the move. So, I will have on my plate for the next 5 months…..full time job, full time school, and part time job. It will be a struggle but I have to do it because Hampton Roads is not one of the best places to be living and VA is a commonwealth state….not good either. Things will be sooooo much better in Charlotte. I have always been wanting to move there since I was 18.
So, to actually get there is a milestone but I have so much love and support from everything and my own motivation not to do it. I love people who read what I have to say as well as my videos, I love helping people, I love my family, friends, and most importantly, ME! And ME will get it done!


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