Loving and Being In Love

The art of love is expressed by in inner glow of satisfaction and caring that is mostly inside someone and then giving it back to someone showing that particular love and more.–M.J.King

Just loving someone is important because that’s the family love, friendship love, best friend love. It doesn’t go further then that most of the time.
Being IN Love is similar to loving but you take your love to the next level of satisfaction for a certain individual. This is more so when you love your partner because you too have an emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual connection that you don’t have with family, friends, and best friends.

I am falling for this guy pretty fast. We have been friends for two years and it feels different falling for someone like him because over the past two years he as always been there for me. Whenever and however I needed him, he was always there. The only thing I asked for him is to make me the happiest man in the world to be with him. One thing that holds me back is always trust; letting that individual into my heart and soul is like the hardest thing for me. My EX did a bang up job by ruining that but I can let that stop me from loving another one who is willing to take care of me, be there for me, love me in a way that I can trust him leaving the house, going out of town by himself; Knowing we can compromise about easy and hard situations; (although couples argue), knowing that we can overcome an argument and continue with our life; knowing that we BOTH can achieve our goals and one of us doesn’t have to put anything on hold; allowing me be me all the time. There are bumps in the road in any relationship but that should always be expected when beginning and continue the relationship.
I LOVE being in long, loving relationships. That feeling that its only you and partner are against the world together and not just you alone, its a beautiful thing in my heart. He is “My Star” on the “Red Eye”-Amerie (Song)
—-Kalel King


2 thoughts on “Loving and Being In Love”

  1. I love that same feeling of being loved. It makes you do the unthinkable, and try your hand at the damn-near impossible just to prove your love! It's trully worth fighting for … This thing called Love!

  2. I would love to experience the BEING IN LOVE PART! But the only love that I've felt is the love on one's family or family love, which in itself is very powerful and never-ending! I hope to one day have that one-on-one love where that special someone loves me JUST for me, and we're against the world also!I love this post…

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