Feeling Some Kind of Way Part 2

So today, I feel as if things are slowing down for me and him. Knowing that he is going to move on with his life and I’m going to move on with mines. This song: Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) gets me every time when my thoughts are wrapped around him in casing his heart and never letting it go but did I actually have it at first, who knows. Knowing that now I must move on to bigger things and not rest in this state that I am in. To be honest I don’t know what else I could say to him because I’m sure it wouldn’t even help. I feel like: Where Do We Go From Here? (album version) by Tweet because I have no clue as of right now. He doesn’t want to open up to me and I’m going to “close up shop” for him. Well till next time, love for him has passed and I’m moving on. Maybe later, things will be better. Peace and Luv Pudin’s!


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