Angry Birds: an addiction?

Some of you may know but some of you don’t but I am sooooo ADDICTED to ANGRY BIRDS. OMG! It is the best game in a long time that I have played on my phone. I mean, I get so caught up in  it that it makes me mad when I can’t beat that green pig in that corner or get that special golden egg or get 3 stars. Ughhh! Do you get mad too???

I start off playing the game for a few reasons: 1) stress reliever 2) fun to play 3) because I want a better high school and 4) to beat that level I couldn’t beat a few hours ago. LOL LMAO I mean I be into the game! Sometimes it makes me want to throw the phone across the room but all in all it a AWESOME GAME. They supposed to be coming out with a new theme for the original. I WILL BE ON THAT ONE TOO. Already beat Angry Birds Rio. That was fun too.

I need to be playing it now. I can go on and on about it but for those that haven’t played it. Get Google Chrome and you can play it too. If you have a smartphone, download the app “angry birds” and boom you are in business and guess what……..ITS FREE! Can’t go wrong with that either. Till next time….miracles and blessing people, miracles and blessings.
Angry Birds Free


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