Future Happiness

Happiness. Something I yearn for everyday. I find happiness in the money that I have, the food on the table, friends to hang out with, friends that I can go to for advice, although I may not heed it the way they want me too. Also in family that I adore with my life. I love these people and things so much that I must express how much money is involved within all of this. Money actually makes me happy. The sad part is when it all disappears and you end up back broke because you paid every bill you could.

If I had enough money, I would always do things for my friends (without feeling used), I would definitely do many things with family like pay for trips for all of us to go on and experience life in a NEW way. Everything requires money expect for love. I need “money happiness” or money satisfaction.

I ask GOD everyday to place me in a financially stable position to be known for something great and make a name for myself in this world because you only live once.

To be Cont…..


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