Supposedly love that is

Loving me was hard as he put it. Because I get upset about things that involve a relationship prospering to new heights. Was it so hard to love me in a way that both of us can grow? All I had asked was to hear from him everyday and for him to take interest in what I am doing everyday. Seriously, for a long distance relationship to work, their must, and I do mean a must…. be communication, it is the key to it all. Then trust sets in, then love rolls its crazy ass in too. Loving him was hard because for one he was far away but that didn’t get to me until the communication died. And why should it take an argument for him to understand me? In a relationship, both halves should always want to know what the other is doing. Its called getting to know someone. Understanding their positive moods and mood swings. How in the hell should a person learn from one another if you are not watching them and knowing what they are doing?  An LDR (long distance relationship) requires it because both people are not close. The only way to get to know someone is by telling the person about yourself or just simply asking the person. I think this is the very reason why none of his other LDRs worked. Looking at the bigger picture. 

I’m not saying that I didn’t make mistakes as well. I could have texts him more or called him more or taken the time but all in all I felt that’s what I was doing and if the other half was not willing to receive a simple text or call from me, why waste my time and effort for someone who doesn’t care enough to let me know that they are living, Geeess!

It is what, it is. Hopefully, in life he will find his way but not as a long distance relationship, I hope for the best of him and whomever because all will be lost if it is not fixed. I did love him dearly and i may still do but oh well my life goes on.  I’m happy….miracles and blessings!


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