Mistakes and Overcoming them

I need people to understand me a little bit. I have made some terrible mistakes rather chooses on the wrong road of life in my past and when I look back I feel like I should have did some things differently and maybe my life wouldn’t be where it is right now. (granted the decisions I have made, has put me in the place that I am). I am very upset with a particular individual but I won’t say names but having a repo on my record hurts me a lot because I cannot trade my car in for another one until that repo is paid(5gs) or I could file bankruptcy to just clean it all up. Tragically, I am thinking of doing that to live a new leaf in life. Yesterday I went to my old apartment and just felt like things could have been so much better had someone helped out a great deal instead of having me stress to the heavens and hell. BUT that is neither here nor there because that time taught me to never to it again when someone cheats on me. I would love to have my own apt/condo soon if possible. I felt at home when I was on my own in my own apartment. Now I am living with a roommate and sometimes that is too much to deal with because you have to be courteous of others. I don’t like nosey people and I just want to let that be known. I know one thing I need to get back on track and on the right path to success because I need money like yesterday. 

Relationship wise (y’all know how I do):
I feel like I just want to have fun and have sex with guys. It that so wrong, as long as I am being safe? Granted I do want a relationship, for the right one, but  I am sex deprivedright now and all I want to do is pull out a magnum and fuck a guy really good. Honestly, for the right guy I will stop my “player-ish” ways and just settle down with someone and be one with each other. No one seems to fit that glove because I am A LOT to handle….their is no way around that. If they do fit the glove, they have like a billion faults and/or our personalities don’t mesh well. Oh well, we will see what happens. Until then, single it is. I will just stay hard working for what I want out of life and maybe some guy will come along and just take my breath away.


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