Abusive relationship gone wrong

I was talking to a friend today about his personal situation with his ex of 2 and a half years. He says that it was an abusive relationship verbally and physically. They just recently broke up but during the relationship the guy was cheating on him with someone else and when he told him that he cheated it was a fight (of course) but then they got back together. They didn’t have penetration sex but they did oral sex throughout the whole relationship. (everyone has their reasons for doing this) BUT for two years seems like a long time to have a sexless relationship. To me their wasn’t any trust for that matter and being scared about STDs is a crazy thing but that’s why they make condoms. So after that, the boyfriend initiated the break up (because he couldn’t sleep over) so that was his reasoning, after that, the guy when on a rampage…..the cheating started again on the boyfriends part, physically fights, verbally hurting his feelings and character, hacking into his Facebook and telling bad things to his friends and turned people against him. After all of that, the boyfriend still wanted to have sex with him. Ummm no! What the hell was his problem? So the boyfriend is stoking him and still making threats now. SAD.com!

People firstly, giving up the “cake” is good when there is some stability behind it. Giving up the “cake” to soon can cause problems and headaches down the line. Trust me I know; I have been their. No relationship can start based on sex and or oral ( Sex is sex!) and it seems that this guy didn’t but trusting in love was an issue too. It also seems that the boyfriend wanted his “cake” and eat it too. It doesn’t work like that in some people’s eyes. I feel like my friend needs to get a restraining order against him asap.

A person should not have to go through all of that for some sex. If you can’t get it, move on to someone who will. An abusive relationship makes it hard to love another again (of course later on, the right one will come along). But emotionally it takes a toll on the brain, body, and heart, NO ONE should feel like they can’t get out of a tight situation because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head high for anyone that is in a crazy relationship situation. Life gets better after all is said and done! Leave your comments…… Miracles and Blessings!


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