Chick-Fil-A Uproar

I have to say something about this Chick-fil-A situation.


I am a gay man and I love Chick-Fil-A food. They have the best customer service and great hot food. I must say that some in the gay community has taken this way too far. It is going all the way to President Obama.  I can’t be a part of this uproar of traditional values.

Firstly, love is love WHEREVER it comes from. You should never hinder a person from loving who they want to love.

Secondly, I feel like Chick-fil-A is doing a great job with being a company based on church values (that’s why they close on Sunday because in the bible Sunday is a holy day, in the churches pretty much everywhere).  Boston mayor should not ban against them either. He spoke his peace but being that he is a mayor he cannot speak for the whole city because there are diverse people everywhere with many values, I am sorry but you cannot do that.

I just cannot not be a part of this uproar because they gave money to church organizations; (that is their values)! That is what they wanted to do. This one thing should not keep “the gays” from eating at Chick-fil-A. It is their values that are important to them and it is our values as gays to be married to the one we love.  It is a DIVERSE USA and we all must be able to understand each other in any light possible. I don’t care anymore about this Chick-fil-A scandal that is going on.

Now some are saying that the churches are going to ban against Obama come November. What does Obama have to do with it? All he said was he felt that Same-sex marriage is okay and we should not hinder them from the opportunity to get married for the person they love. Come on people… is A DIVERSE USA. Geez!


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