EXs and Best Friends?

I have to get this off my chest because I feel pretty strong about this subject so just hear me out and if I offend anyone…..oh well.

I cannot and will not see myself being BFFs or Best friends with my Exes. I am sorry but it has to be made known. There are few types of Exs out there in the world that you can cannot be friends with.

  1. If the ex has done you wrong and said sorry and everything under the sun but in your heart of hearts you are like whatever home skillet then you cannot be BFF or BEST FRIENDS with them. Eventually in life(years later) you can be ‘friends’ or acquaintances with them. By no means can you be best friends with someone who owes you money from the relationship( i.e. phone bill, rent, utility bills, credit card bills etc) , cheat on you, physically hurt you, emotionally hurt you, damanged your soul to the point of no return….you must not everrr call them your best friend because they wans’t a best friend when they did that to you!
  2. AND if they should be calling you their best friend(and you did nothing wrong to them int he relationship), you need to correct them quit but others are gonna notice that and wonder why would they be best friends. Neither one of y’all should be calling each other BFFs and Best Friends
  3. The second type is the ex that wasn’t supposed to be an ex but job related skills and duties have made you two separate. So if one person was moved to China and you are in the US; Yea y’all broke up but y’all would be exes but this is the only type of ex you can be best friends with. This is an honest relationship going away. It is the essence of a mutual break up.
  4. The third type is the ex that you are cool with because someone in the relationship didn’t like something that the other did while in the relationship but they continue to pursue each other until you two mutually break up because it seems to be issues with both of y’all personalities. You can be friends with this one because it was probably best to be friends anyway.
  5. If I missed one let me know. 🙂

These are just a few tips that I felt was necessary to say to the world because I have been through my fair share of exes and some of them I talk with “every blue moon” but a few I rarely talk to. Most of mine are acquaintances to buddies. I refuse to live my life in this way with exes floating around.


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