Relationship Expiration: When is Yours?

How strong is your relationship? Is it strong enough to where your man or woman is giving you the attention you desire? I tell you these relationships now a days don’t last long at all because people have there own intentions of what they want in a relationship. How can one be happy when both are not mutual about how they feel for one another. I know you know what I am talking about:

  • They just want sex
  • They just want conversation
  • They just want to use you until they get what they want
  • They need to feel like they are in a relationship but is actually hurt instead and need that security blanket
  • Only in it for the money
  • Just need a little bit of emotional support and then you don’t hear from them anymore.
  • Have I hit the top ones?

Why subject ourselves to these types of relationships? Stand up and own up to what you want and don’t settle for less!
Lord knows I have been there. I can go one and on lol. You should always love yourself first and then you can love someone else. No one wants to love a “scrub” or a “sloth” because the relationship is a dead end from day one.
Do you want to waste your time? I sure don’t….


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