Sunny Out Yet Its Still Dark



By: Marcus J. King

Frustration. One word that causes a lot of stress in one’s life when situations are just not going in your favor. Why does this happen to the best? Oh, because the best got to being the best somehow right? Why am I centered around negativity and darkness when there is no other option or way out?

It’s sunny out yet darkness still lingers.”

I hate the fact that darkness wants to see me crumble and fail. I hate the fact that darkness needs me to feel important in this world. The old saying goes: “If it isn’t one thing it’s another.” Why is that? Why do we have to subject ourselves to the lives we live because of darkness and its daily frustration?

It’s sunny out yet darkness still lingers .”

I feel darkness trying to pull me down, throw me in the lion’s den, over take my soul while it rapes my thoughts, and leaves me in the cold dark cage it left me in. The feeling of loneliness sets in and the tears flow like rivers in a marsh forest. There’s not too much left. Even with being in this place, there is a small speck of light, a shimmering glimmer of hope, that it will get better.

“It’s sunny out yet darkness still lingers.”

Told to us that we should strengthen and motivate ourselves and surround ourselves around positive people and positive energies…..where is this world? Yet, I am all alone, saddened by the negativity  darkness speaks to me. Why does it speak such a grumpy language? Where it brings someones soul down and makes you feel unwanted, unloved, pained by all, separated from the masses, encouraged to do harm to oneself, to ultimately take LIFE away. Why subject myself to darkness? Why is it even around? Why cant the light of happiness stay around so I can be joyous and fruitful?

“It’s sunny out yet darkness still lingers.”



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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