Heart with a hole

By: Marcus J. King

Emptiness. The dark void in one’s spirit where nothing exist, not even the mind. This feeling overtakes me because there is no real world that seems to care or seems to acknowledge that you exist. No Love =Emptiness. That could be any kind of love: friends, family, lover(s), etc.  I must not feel loved by many to have this feeling. I have a raging fire inside me. A fire so grand that many people don’t see or seem to understand. I have held on to this fiery beast for a long time. I want to tell my story as I feel it but who will listen? Who listens to the guy with the best heart money can buy?
The needs and wants in my life are not adding up in my favor, so yes emptiness strikes me hard like bricks crashing me deeper into this dark nothing. The emptiness shuns my heart and my spirit is broken to the bone. Even for those that say they are my friends, don’t want to help pull me out of this state I am in. I need my guardian angel to pull me out of this hole I am stuck in. I feel he/she is the only one who can save me before I perish in my internal pain….heart, mind, body and soul.

“Where are you? I cried out.

Even then  God isn’t even listening to my prayers and the protection/security I need to keep pushing forward. If I should take my life tonight, no one would understand my thoughts and feelings until it is all said and gone.

“Guardian angel, if you are there, Help me complete my mission before I leave this Hell on  Earth.” I plead. ‘Where are you?”



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Twitter: infamous_kalel

Snapchat: infamouskalel

Fan Page: M.J.King

Tumblr: infamouskalel, infamouskalel2


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