Desperately needed her…Go get this Album

OMG! Marsha Ambrosia has given me life with this new sophomore album of hers. OMG! I was in desperate need of some true R/B flavor.

Marsha Ambrosia 2ndDON”T SLEEP ON GOOD R AND B!

Right from the start with the intro….

  1. Friends and Lovers Intro: The harmonizing is magical “Can we be friends and lovers? ” I already know what I was in for
  2. So Good: this jam is such a feel good song for you and that special one cause it feels so good to be in there company and making love and when she it that note towards the end. It feels sooooo gooood! Great instruments after the high note. I mean just well put together. A true r/b song.
  3. Nighttime: Imagine going through your night, thinking that you are everything to that special one, dreams, love, sex, and all. Great beats
  4. 69:  Is just to die for and very sexxxxxxyyyyyy. Take it off, I know I did. She sounds sooooo beautiful given sex in the best way….69. LOL!
  5. Shoes: LOL I like this cute song about two people having some great sex (an affair) and you can’t even find your shoes after. Mmmmm! It be like that sometimes.
  6. How Much More (Interlude): The magic of that “feel good”.
  7. Stronger: I have liked this song since she came out with it. Of course Dr. Dre on it.
  8. You & I: Love it….sing is about being friends and wanted to be more than that. (I remember when me and mine was just friends and I wanted more….takes me back).
  9. La La La La La: A classic touch from a oldie but goodie song. Beautifully done I must say.
  10. Cupid (Shot me Straight through my heart): Love it! The fallen in love phase. So beautiful!
  11. Kiss & Fuck (Interlude): it is what it is
  12. Love: When loves comes to play after your babe left for a while. Missing him so.
  13. Run: Trying to run from love, but love will always be there for support.
  14. Spend All my Time: beautiful love songggg
  15. OMG I Miss You: when you miss them to the point of no return
  16. Streets of London: She talks about her home in London

Overall, I am very pleased with love and sexiness that she is giving me. I am so happy that i was able to get this album and listen to such a beautiful voice. I loved her first one and her second one tops it. Thanks you Marsha!


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