Don’t stop…babe

Don't Stop...babe
Don’t Stop…babe

By: Marcus J. King

Taste my juices as I suck the life out of your spirit while you pleasure my soul. Make you quiver and jolt in bliss of what you desire in your heart for me.

Lust for how I look at you and turn you on in ways that can’t be touched.

Follow me because you desire to have what isn’t yours, yet….

Touch me with softness and as your hands run down my spine and across my glutes.

Pull me close and whisper in my ear…nothing….but your breath…

….as no words are exchanged but the desire of what you want is apparent.

Graze your lips over my neck and breath soft and slow breaths of heart beats uniting.

Push me against the wall holding my hands as I won’t break.

Burn a hole in my neck as you suck my spot making me want more.

Clinch me tight…as I clinch back not wanting you to….

“Don’t stop, baby!”

Kiss me as if life doesn’t matter but just you and I.

Caress me and make me scream your name….

“Take me!”


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