Lies Require Commitment

Lies. Why is this word so powerful? This one word leads to so much distrust and hurt in many lives of people. The lies a person can tell can go so far it leads to heartache and pain and sometimes death. I feel like when you tell the lie you are keeping the commitment to keeping that lie safe in order for the other half not to know the dark little secret you are holding on too. Telling the truth, instead of leading a person on, is about the best option a person can make. It would be a mistake not to tell them because too much time and effort has elapsed and so what good comes out of wasting someones time and energy when all you have to do is tell the truth.

Secrets. I understand keeping small secrets(like gift giving) but secrets do lead to lies. Secret and lies share about the best relationship in the world. They never hurt each other. They actually understand each other enough that even if secret kept a its secret the lie would know what secret is keeping from him. LOL They are actually the best pairing known to man. Ponder on that!

How do you trust when you have been lied too? Oh lets see, you move on from the situation because its not going to get better, it going to get worse. To me, why hang around? Why even be present in a persons life if you know you haven’t been doing right by yours?

Karma. The end result that breaks up lies and secrets. I love karma. She is a bitch but I love her because she knows who is at right and who is at fault. She will make sure the one at fault will get their day and there won’t be nothing you can do to stop her on her raging path. She is the ultimate in all situations. She is God whether you like it or not. Karma can hurt you so bad, it will make you go in a corner and sit there like… damn!

…thanks for reading. Share this and share your comments.

M. J. King



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