Two Souls

By Marcus J King

Two Souls so distant at hearts reach.

Two beings so passionate about life.

Two different emotions raging to be loved…..Two souls pushing each other away.

Two souls that had such a beautiful love and share deep thoughts and secrets.

Two souls passionate about their careers and pursuing them to the fullest. Two souls that will do anything to obtain their true heart desire.

Even when arguments burst into flames, two souls are raging to be loved. Two souls need to listen to each other and hear each other feelings. Two souls need to understand each others opinion in order to grow. Two souls  have to compromise.

Without compromise in the relationship, two souls will pull each other.

How can two souls unite as one?



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Twitter: infamous_kalel

Snapchat: infamouskalel

Fan Page: M.J.King

Tumblr: infamouskalel, infamouskalel2


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