Computer Issues


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Maybe y’all could help me out in the tech space.

I have been having computer issues, laptop issues to say the least. Where it is moving very slow. I have had the blue screen of death a few times but once I fixed that little problem, I started getting that annoying ads by SASA. Ughhh I hate them. At least adguard and adblocker plus has been helpful on chrome and Opera but before Dec 11 I wasn’t having all these issues.

I downloaded avast, malwarebytes anti-malware program, ccleaner, and spybot to help solve the issue and that doesn’t help the browser issue of moving slow in loading and performance slow issues of the computer itself. Ughh, I’m just really frustrated. I just want to throw the computer across the room and get a new one. I mean it is over 5 years old I think?

Help me anybody! ????

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