Flashes of Change

By Marcus J. King

Memories. The past. The good times and the bad.

Flashbacks of what happened.

The pain within.

Trust broken in many pieces.

Lies foretold to justify ones actions.

Choices of change and mistakes made.

Emotional guilt eating away at the brain.

Love lost; people dying helplessly.

The hurt and the guilt deep within.

Repeating the flashbacks with a new human being.

Not learning the lessons from the memories.

The constant changes of the learning lessons from life.

New path, new journey; a restart on the heart and self.

To grow; to heal; and to love…



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Twitter: infamous_kalel

Snapchat: infamouskalel

Fan Page: M.J.King

Tumblr: infamouskalel, infamouskalel2



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