Relationship Commandments

At some point, you have to face them demons you caused and/or dealt with.

  1. Never walk away from a situation and not face them inner demons.
  2. Never hang up the phone in someone’s ear and think the conversation is over because you walked away.
  3. Never run from a relationship without clearing the problems you was having within. Trust! Those same problems will arise in the next.
  4. Never assume. Always ask first. If they get defensive, then you already know who is in the wrong.
  5. Don’t be childish and self-centered and take it out on other people. When you are going through something, talk to your mate. Talking about your problems clears the spirit from pain, depression, and opens the door to trust the one you with, with your feelings.
  6. Don’t lie just to get by. It hurts the relationship more with lies and distrust. Earn your mates trust everyday. Never assume everything is okay.
  7. Show your other half how much you love them everyday. Just saying the words “I miss you” “I love you”. Sometimes those words are not enough.  Show and prove.
  8. Text and call everyday. Good morning and good night. How was you day? Take interest in your other half. Get to know one another all over again like it is the first time.
  9. Support each other through the many obstacles that may arise.
  10. Have lots of sex! Trust me….sex is a stress release. Sharing that passion can cure so much pain in the heart because you are showing and proving a connection that only you two share emotionally.
  11. If all else fails, let it go. Be happy being you! You can be great, single, and someone will come along.

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