Pathways 5: Juggling My Future


I have to be busy because being bored sucks in a lot of ways. I balance so many activities that I forget that sometimes I can just relax. The last time I relaxed, I lost track of time and energy that I could have used to get something started or get things going.

I juggle my ability to make my future better. To make sound decisions that alter the future in which I hold in my hands. I have work, school, blogs, books, screenplays, sending my writings to agents and publishers and then dance it off to release the stress.

Even with all that, I still feel like I should be doing more. Granted, God is the only one who knows my future and yet I have to keep pushing forward as much I can to prove a point to people who want me to fail, who want me to slow down, who want me to not be apart of the higher up.

I want a beautiful life for myself and in a couple of weeks, my life will officially change to something that is completely different then what I am used too. I can only thank God for blessing me as he has….it has been a terrible struggle up until now….

Peace and love!


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