Tell me….Part 1

Disclaimer: Only for the sexual fans

Written by Marcus J King

It was a warm day out…sunny and intense with birds chirping in the air. I was lounging on my patio getting some sun by the pool. A cold malt drink sat next to me as I lie back and flip my sunglasses down while the rays of the sun give me a light tan.

“The fuck you aren’t! Go to hell bitch!” The male next door neighbor argued on the phone on his own deck in his underwear.

He was a well-built man, light abs, great arms and beautiful to look at.

“Everything okay Jessie?” I asked gently turning towards him.

“Yes, I’m fine. People are just unsupportive at times…you know?” He asked.

I sat up. “You got that right. I’m here alone myself, relaxing for once.” I left my shades on to imagine him fully naked.

“Oh, where’s your boo thang?”

“I don’t have one. I work too much man.”

“Come over real quick. I got to show you something.”

“Alright.” I got up with my glass of liquor.

Our house was side by side and our patio doors met one another so it was easy to get from house-to-house. He unlocked the latch to his door.

I opened it, he shook my hand, and we walked into the house. He was wearing tight boxer briefs. His bulge stood out and his booty ate the fabric.

It turned me on so much. I had to keep my composure somehow. I mean he was hot as fish grease.

“What you sipping on, man?” He asked looking in my glass.

“Oh, a little this. A little that. You know.” I giggled taking a slip of my glass.

“I need a drink myself.” He said walking into the kitchen opening the large stainless steel refrigerator.

As he walked his ass jiggle in unison; two perfect cheeks kissing each other as the fabric sat in the crack of his ass. It was a beautiful sight to see.

My trunks couldn’t hold my excitement any longer. I instantaneously got hard. There was an island in his kitchen. I step closer to it so he wouldn’t see me all hard as bricks. I sat my drink on the counter and took a silent deep breathe.

“Where are my apples?” He said bending over to find them.

Lord, knows he had some beautiful candy apple buns. I couldn’t stop staring at his ass and his balls peaked a bit as well. My mouth watered; as I wanted to take eat his booty out so bad. My erection continued and I begin to caress myself gently. He stood upholding the apple.

“Found it!”

“Oh, yea?”

“Yea, and it’s my famous dip.” He said holding a small white container.

I pondered. “What makes it so famous?” I squinted my eyes.

“You sure you want to try it?” He titled his head and smirked at me.

“Yea, I like trying new foods.” I said, honestly excited.

He started cutting the apple into smaller pieces. He smiled the whole time. I wondered what he was up too. As he cut the apples, I gazed at the muscle in his arm that flex as he moved swiftly and smoothly, like he was making love to the apple. It could have just been me but his smile was radiant like a whole bottle of whitening mouthwash. His smirk was sly and sexy. His low cut hairstyle shined like he just got a fresh cut. His chest was thick to the point I wanted to suck his nipples off.

I took a silent breathe. My emotions was getting the best of me as I continued to stared at him as his cut that damn apple.

He places the apple pieces on a small sauce plate. Gently poured the sauce over the apple pieces and created something beautiful to look at.

“Did you used to be a chef?”

“In my younger years, I was good at it.” He smiled widely.

“This looks great!” I smiled.

He looked at me and grabbed the plate. We locked eyes as he came around the island closer to me. I couldn’t stop looking at his beautiful green eyes. He turned me on more and more because he wouldn’t look away from me. He grabbed an apple slice, with sauce and rubbed the apple over my lips.

I gently licked the sauce from my lips.  I looked deeply into his eyes.

“Mmm, tasty…” I said liking my lip, blushing and smirking.

“You like that?” He whispered softly.

“Yea…” My breathing became a little heavier.

He placed the apple in my mouth.

“Bite it…but don’t break it.” He said caressing the major sensation I was having downstairs.

He leaned into me and kissed me while the apple and the beautiful sauce he made, rolled into our mouth; Flowing like waters rushing to the shoreline. His lips were soft and his passion for food showed through as our tongues intertwined and created love full of juices.

He grabbed me close and whispers, “Tell me… you want it?”

~~~To be continued~~~~



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