Why Keep Score

Tossing in turning in mind…

Mind-blowing information from different angles.

It feels like you are hiding some important news.

Flirting with other dudes? Really….?

While “household” sits and waits for your dramatic return

As you sit there, and act like he doesn’t know,

the constant pain you are putting him through.

Love, affection, adoration, sincerity, trust, and support was always the requirement along with dropping those hoes at the doe!

What if he went and flirted with other dudes, as you have done to him?

Wouldn’t feel right, now would it?  It would feel like “love” is doing something completely dirty and down right filthy?

As if “love” doesn’t love you with all his heart.

Love is at home…not with some random dude whom you “like”.

How would you feel if another dude on the internet flirted with him, publicly?

Wouldn’t feel right, now would it?

But he should keep his scorecard clean, as if yours isn’t full…


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