Pathways 6: Coins and Me

I love money and I love having lots of it. I know that is a rich thing to say or a “booshie” comment (so I have been told) but when you have been at the bottom and want to be on top, money looks very good to have. Not eating for days; when you do eat it is only a chicken sandwich from McDonald’s. I have been there. Never want to go back. I will never put anyone down because they don’t have what I have. I just know what I want in life, and what I need to succeed, for the future I want to obtain.

Now, getting that out the way, if you owe me money just know until I get my funds back you are on my shit list until further notice. I mean that with a passion. Until you come at me like “Oh, well let me send you a little of this or let me pay you a little now and a little later” then we can talk.

Don’t go silent because you know I am upset and you don’t have the decency to make me an offer but to just go silent. That’s fine because I can go silent as well.

Silent….right into someone else who appreciates the fact that what is due is due and it needs to be corrected. Friend or no friend; you do what is right by people.


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