Pathways 8: Grinding the Pen and Paper

Being writer in this day and age is harder than I thought. There’s all the newest and greatest technology out, and as a writer, I have to keep up with it. Thank God, that I love and understand technology; but the hardest part of this is the copyright part. With technology, comes being able to snap anyone’s photo or photo of something with the phone. Then, it is Photoshop and used with someone else work. 

I would love to show all of you what I have been working on but I can’t because anyone can steal it and make it their next book/movie. I am very over protective of my work, my baby. Hell, I want my work to be a movie, one day. 

I know in my future there is a place for me but until I get there, there is a lot in between that must be done to get to where I want to be. 

I am not complaining one bit because being a famous author is in my cards of achievement as well as being happy every day, stress free. I was fortunate enough to get a taste of that kind of future and now I must strive for the stars and beyond. 

I can’t let the little things effect my time and energy. If it does not produce a product/money in the future, it is just a waste of time. 

Until then, grinding with my pen and paper.


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