Dying Soul


By: Marcus J. King

I care not to know

I care not to guess

I care not live anymore.

Only I can take my soul away from here

In this moment, in this time-frame.

Water drips over me,

As I hold a sharp stainless steel in my right hand

Hand over my face in the left

Crippled and broken in my desire to live

As I Iay here….silent….and motionless

Not caring what others tend to think of me

Because only you, used to matter

You don’t want me so…

Let me make the situation easy for you,

I should take my life away from this ungrateful world

This world that has done nothing but bring me hardship

And pain

I can only kill my spirit and allow it to pass away

God can’t even help, what I want to do to myself

You can’t even help me because you don’t care

My family and friends can’t do anything because they don’t care

My spirit should die.

I am a waste of space to those around me

Cut, cut, cut!

When I bleed out,

Don’t care for me or call 911,

I rather lay here, in a pool of blood

Then to allow you to care for me

In my dying hour…


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