Tasteful Desires

Disclaimer: Only for the sexual fans


By Marcus J. King

“Hey boo.” I said, walking in.

“Hey you.” Jeffery smiled at me.

He walks over to me and gives me a hug. I had a long day at work, and it is was what I needed. His thick arms embraced my torso. He smelled my clothes. I smelled his hair. It smell like fresh blossoms. I kissed him on the forehead.

“Hmm, you smell good babe. You smell like me?” He said, smiling at me with a soft kiss.

“I have too. You have good cologne.” I said, smiling.

He continued to smell me. I can feel he was excited and gently rubbing his dick on mine. I couldn’t help but get excited also. We were the same height and around the same age of 28. His beautiful German skin tone up against my caramel skin made for a great picture. I kissed his neck as he continued to smell me. He kissed my neck in return.

His tongue created magic in my heart. I knew he loved me. I looked up and he had prepared dinner with candle lights and roses. He always does sweet things for me. It was is like he knew I was having a rough day. It turned me on. I closed my eyes and let him go to work on me.

He sucked on my neck and push me towards the back of the door. I moaned for more.

“Shouldn’t we eat first?” I asked.

He passionately kissed me; biting and sucking my lips.

“Eat what, babe?” He said, moving his hands under my shirt.

“Hmmm—the food you prepared.” I moaned some more.

Kisses continued to flow with so much love and compassion.

“I got something better for you to eat.” He whispered.

“Oh yeah?”

He looked at me and nodded his head.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” He said.

“I don’t want too.”

“Close your eyes babe.” He insisted.

He held my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom.

“Open them—“He whispered in my ear.

He lit candles around the room as white and red roses surround all over.

“Aww, babe. You did this for me?” I said speechless.

“Oh, I’m not finished yet…”

He grabbed my torso and kiss me with his delicious lips of his.

“Close your eyes.”  He said kissing me once more.

I did as I was told. He pulled my shirt off. His tongue caressed my neck in a gentle way. He moved that wonderful tool, in his mouth, down to my hard nipples. He lick, sucked, and teased them. His tongue continued down as he unbuckled my pants and slowly dropped my boxers.

My nine inch hard dick just dangled; aching for his warm mouth. He laid me on the soft king bed. He continued where he left off and continued to lick around my stomach. His lips was so full, I could feel him kissing my dick. My dick jumped for more.

“So anxious…” He whispered.

“Come on babe.” I said, grabbing his head.

He did as told and sucked me up and down. Softly and smooth and then rough and aggressive. I was about to nut and he stop sucking.

“Oh my gosh, babe. Why you stop?” I said, in agony.

“Because I want you to cum in me.” He requested

“Hmm.” I smiled.

I couldn’t help but love his ass so much. It was the right thickness. Soft but firm with just enough bounce to handle such a strong dick of mine.

He bent over on the bed. I just stood there looking at his beautiful back side stroking my dick.

“You like what you see?” He asked looking back.

“Yeap, but I am hungry now.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes! I need you to sit on my face and make you cum.”

He moved out the way as I lie flat while he got on top of me. He kissed me softly and placed that phat ass on my face. I glided my tongue through his hole. It was honey sweet, just like I like it.

“Oh, babe! That feels so good. Ahhhh!” He moaned.

I played tricks with my tongue; in and out, circles, sucking, softly and rapidly. His dicked bounced on my forehead as pre-cum came out.

“Omg! What are you doing to me?” He asked, panting.

“Cum baby. Stroke that dick and cum in my mouth.” I asked.

“Ahhh!” He screamed.

He did as told and I continued to service this beautiful man.

“I’m about to cum!” He screamed.

He lift off my face and placed his dick in my mouth. I sucked every drop and swallowed like a 7-Eleven Gulp. My dick dipped much pre-cum flowing down it. He sucked my dick aggressively and sat on it. His hole yearned for my dick and knew I was coming to spread those cheeks.

“Ahhh, babe! You are so wet!”

“Yeah? Give it to me, Desmon.”

I pondered those cakes like it was the last time I was going to get something so delicious. It was hot and warm with all the juices flowing over my dick. Pulling his hair; sucking his nipples and licking his chest.

“You love it babe?” He asked.

“Yes, I love it baby. You going to make me cum.” I said.

“Cum, babe. Look at me while you come!”

“Ahhh, I’m about to come.”

I gazed into his beautiful blue eyes, as I gave him all my sweet juices.

He moaned and a tear dropped from his eye. We kissed each other in that moment and laid wrapped in each other arms.

“Round 2?” I asked.

He giggled.


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