Dream 1-7-2016

I want to do something new this year. Telling of dreams, I feel can help other see something I don’t see or something that may help you in your daily life.

My dreams have always had some significant meaning over my life. I feel my dreams are always trying to tell me something that I can’t comprehend in my waking life. Here goes nothing….

Dream 1-7-2016

I am with my boyfriend, Z. We are walking down the street when a guy walks up to us and says,”Do you wish?” I said “All the time”. He looks both ways as if he is running from something. Z talks to him while he tells me to go through his bag. In his bag is $100 and lottery tickets (in a plastic holder, like the kind that hold baseball cards). I don’t remember what the lottery tickets said or the numbers. So Z stops talking to him and he disappears. We leave the bag near the bus station where we found it and walked off. All of a sudden, this big guy, same size as “Debo in Friday the movie” but taller then 6’3″ and dark skin.

Has a deep voice and says: “Hey, come here!” We run for our life. Around the city, through alley ways, through peoples houses, through woods, upstairs, downstairs, etc. As all of this is happening, he kills everyone in his path that tries to confront him. I was nervous for my life the whole time. Eventually, (because dreams are pretty vague), he corners us somehow in this run down apartment, solitude place. Long hallways and short hallways. Some rooms open with damaged people. Every other door is locked with a red lock on it. We try to open them all. I can hear him coming, we hide of course but the people  that are in this place are being killed by him as I do here streaming. (there was a woman who tried to help us but she end up dying)

We try to exit the room we are in, and Z pulls me back, slowly, as if he knows he is right there. At that moment I can hear his breathing. We turn around and hide in a dark corner. He steps in the room and we glide out and I run towards the window the ghostly lady points too. I jump through the window and I am outside on a bright day waiting for Z to come out. He doesn’t. Kids are walking around going to catch the school bus.

I wake up in a daze.

What you think this means?


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