If You Only Knew…

By Marcus J. King

If you only knew …

how much I hurt inside

how much I crave to be alone in my sorrow

how much pain I have dealt with

and still dealing with it

how I put a smile on my face,

when I really want to cry

If you only knew….

why I act the way I do

how I tend to not care about certain situations

how I hate to be lied too

how secretive one tries to be

how I yearn for tender love and affection,

Physically and mentally

how much I need support and guidance
If you only knew…
How deeply pained my heart is when I can’t reach you

How I can’t have a calm conversation with you

How sincere and sweet I want you to be

How much more I need from you

If you only knew….

….that you are pushing me away

Every minute of the day


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