Dream 6-25-16

Okay… so I was dreaming of having sex with this ghost that knew what he was doing. I mean we did it anywhere we could but here’s the part that I love about the human body….

So after each sexual endeavor or a situation in the house…I always had to pee. What could this mean? Over and over again. So then my dream jumps away from that and takes me to a blue apartment complex. The young lady is showing me around and I’m all excited.  So we riding on the golf cart and I get off and say: “ooo I gotta pee” and I do the potty dance… She says: “oh, go across the way enter into apartment 121 but not 123”.

As I’m walking towards the apartment…there is this other guy in a yellow shirt like hers and he is counting down. The girl who told me the direction to go in starts singing a tone about peeing. I was confused then too.

As soon as I touched the apartment door knob…I woke up and literally had to pee really bad and I felt like I was in the countdown again before I urinated all on myself. Lol lmao

Isn’t the human body amazing?


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