Homeless Coins: Real or Not real?

Has anyone noticed, homeless people have been more widespread when it comes to being at the most busiest traffic areas?

On one side of the coin, their are “wannabe homeless people” who are out there looking raggedy but driving a nice car around the corner and has a home, all for a hard days work….. walking the curve.

I saw one homeless lady, with a Iphone 6 plus on the corner trying to get money. Well who was she texting then and acting like she was disabled. That same person(s) can help her.

I saw one guy, what looked like his dad or grandfather in a wheelchair. I gave him a few coins. Tell me why, the next day, the grandfather or father was walking that same corner with no wheelchair. I believe they are faking it badly.

The other side, of that same coin, are people who are actually struggling to make it out there with no home, clothes, food, etc. Has to deal with terrible weather conditions outside.

I get that you have fallen on some hard times and it sucks like hell, literally, you are outside in 100 to 20 degree weather trying to get coins. I get it because I was at my lowest at one point.

I just wish there was some better support groups for the real homeless folks in the USA; in every state.

Share your homeless good deeds or things you have noticed!


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