News: Sad World of Hate

I dislike the hateful parts of the world as is. My blog pertains “the good and bad in a world full of knowledge and deception” Deception has hit today, again, with another shooting that resulted in a black man being killed wrongfully. Just last month it was gays in Orlando getting shot up by a muslim.

Seriously, the devil is busy with all of his efforts to deceive us into thinking that we need to kill each other every single day. It does say in the bible that man will kill man but, in essence, it says we need to love thy neighbor so that we don’t kill each other. Hate for another race, gender, sexuality, or disability is by far getting worse and worse everyday. It is so hard to watch the news because it is too much going on.

I might as well watch the news since all my social media timelines are heavy with the new hashtag turmoil in the world, in the moment, for that day, in those few hours. Then friday we will be talking about turning up and booty shaking. We as humans of America are never going to change our ways.

I’m going to live in the mountains…somewhere far away…peace and love…because it is not worth it anymore.


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