Missing 3 Kings

Linwood L. King aka Han King (Grandfather)

I miss my grandfather so much. His birthday passed recently and I don’t know why I am having a hard time handling this. It has been a long time since his passing. I just want my handshake and hug again. His voice saying “babyyyy” as he walked through the hall. I know that he was sitting next to my bed that night I went to sleep. It could not have been anyone else.  He taught me to save money and make sure you have money in your wallet a all times. I learned from him to always respect your elders and be kind to others. I hope he sees what I have accomplished thus far and is proud of me. RIP

Larry Boone (Step grandfather)

What can I say about the guy who taught me how to fish, taught me how to play cards, shave, stand up for myself, playing sports games and racing (he never could win against me), taught me wrestling, the meaning of records and music that speaks to the soul, and how to win an argument. I loved our bonding times. RIP

Keith C. Hicks (my Father)

I may not have meet my father but I should do feel like he is around when I am around my sister, Lashonda. Me and her have a great connection. I think it was his spirit that pulled us together because there is no way I would have ever known she stayed so close to me in the same city for years. I meet her at 25 years old from Facebook. Then through her I meet my other sister Priscilla; my two brothers Keith Jr. and Jermaine. Daddy was a “high roller”.  I miss all of them so much. Thanks dad for these beautiful souls. RIP

My father figures growing up!


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