7 Tips for Increasing your Happiness

tv happy smile excited carlton

  1. Do the things that you find fulfilling, not just the things that bring external rewards (like recognition or money)
  2. Think of ways to increase the happiness of others, and you’ll find that you feel happier, and good about yourself.
  3. Smile when you can as the research shows that faking happiness can help improve your mood as well.
  4. Choose to let go of regrets and the things that bring you down. Try and focus on what’s good, and what is positive, instead.
  5. Relax, slow your pace, and start enjoying “little things”.
  6. Switch your cell phone, your ipad and your laptop off … and enjoy being free of technology.
  7. Change your routine, try new things, and move outside your comfort zone – doing that helps increase the flow of dopamine (the “feel good” hormone).

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