Dream 8-7-2016 and 8-8-2016

I don’t know why I am being chased in my dreams twice for two nights in a row.

The first night this lady and man chased me to my apartment (to a floor higher than 5th) . Banged on the door and said, “Open the door marcus, we just want to talk” in a sinister voice that was very scary.

Then the second night, it happened again but like a continuation. In this way I got the license plate number. They drive a dark black cadillac. The guy was dressed like the creature from jeepers creepers. The man gets out the car and heads in the bank.

I’m in a high level floor and I’m looking down at the car as they get out. She gets out the car, a large black lady with a black kid in hand. She looks up and sees me looking out the window through the blinds.

She says: “There he is!” points and me, he turns around looks up but doesn’t move. She makes her way up to me and I panic. She thinks I’m in the next building over. I pray and then I wake up.

Have you all ever been chased in your dreams?


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