Darkness Cannot Prevail

By: Marcus J. King

If you give up, that’s when the darkness wins. . .

It’s easy to give up . . . like you have been fighting all your life to stay up float.

You fight off the cold and bitterness, that offer you an easy escape from reality.

You fight to keep your dreams alive!

You fight to be a man you can be proud of one day.

This is my fight . . .

I have scars that run deep. I have pain that feels too hard to contain sometimes.

I fight it everyday and don’t even know why I try. It’s easy to be done with it all.

Sometimes it rolls in my head. An eternity of darkness has to be much better than another day of pain.

I fight another day because I believe one day, all of this will have been for something . . .

When I can reach the mountaintop, this fight will have not been in vain.

Maybe I’m a fool to believe, but that belief has kept me alive when I felt I had nothing else to cling to.

So don’t stop fighting. Find the ONE thing you can hold onto, and never let go.



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