Zodiac Sign Turn-ons

ARIES: Beautiful bods, power and motivation are turn-ons for the Ram. A sexual siren who offers spontaneous passion and physical excitement gets Aries hot, hot, hot. Challenge them to a race around the track… winner takes all, under the bleachers. Whisper in Aries’s ear, tell them you love the way they love you, and they’ll be all yours.
TAURUS: This earthy lover melts over slow methodic touch and soft, steamy kisses on the neck. Add an extravagant gift, and you’ve got his attention. Taurus responds to sex and gifts with equal abandon. Give them this, and they’ll give you the world.
GEMINI: The way to the Twins’ passion center is through his mind. Stimulate their flirtatious side – get their imagination going with a description of a cozy dinner for two, holding hands across the table, while soft, sensuous music plays in the background. Then tell them what you want to do with them when you finally get him/her alone.
CANCER: Cancers are sensitive and sexual; they love all forms of affection. They are attracted to strong, independent people; power figures excite them. The Crab loves romance, long, deep kisses and caresses – most especially a single, slow-moving finger gently gliding across the skin. Turn on the romance, and you’ve turned them on, but they are not above a little naughty fun.
LEO: This king of the jungle revels in receiving the royal treatment. They love having your complete attention and adoration. Treat them to a lavish dinner, tell him/her how great they look (because they do), and end the evening with dessert in bed. Gently kiss and nibble their lips with each bite you spoon-feed them. Softly, sensually scratch their back to hear them purr. Keep up this kind of attention and the Lion will soon be ready to pounce.
VIRGO: The master of control, the seeker of perfection. Virgos love a woman/man who takes care of their body, and they love when you take care of theirs. Make a date to treat them to a steamy bath and a hot oil massage – make it all about them and they will be totally turned on. Let them tell you what they want, and tell them what you want. Virgo won’t be the only one turned on.
LIBRA: Libras love the classics – candlelight, seduction, love notes. They also don’t mind sensual massage or a take-charge partner. Put a little photo of yourself in that love note. Greet your Libran lover at the door with a martini and tell them you have every intention of getting naughty – with the lights on.
SCORPIO: Scorpios love anything covert or risqué. They also love a good mystery wrapped in a challenge. Make a date to meet them at some out-of-the-way place, and wear a disguise. Keep up the act all night – be someone else. The Scorpion likes to feel like they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t.
SAGITTARIUS: Some flirtatious fun, a few good laughs, and the great outdoors are what “does it” for the Archer. Sagittarians are turned on by athletic types, and with good reason, They will have you swinging from the branches at all hours of the day and night. No wonder they love when you massage their legs, because they never stand still.
CAPRICORN: Anticipation is the key turn-on word for the Goat. Capricorns live in a traditional world, but they also love traditional fantasy. A seemingly innocent hand on the knee turns into a scene from Boss and Secretary, and everybody’s getting a bonus.
AQUARIUS: If you can appreciate an eccentric, quirky personality, then you can appreciate Aquarius – if you tell an Aquarian that their quirks turn you on, then you’ve just turned them on. Send the Water Bearer a naughty text, or massage his legs from knees to ankles and he’s even more turned on.
PISCES: Pisces love well-manicured feet; and well-dressed tootsies are a great way to begin the dance. Incorporate those “other hands” into the body of your lovemaking, and you have caught the Fish. Show them that you are not afraid to delve deep into his/her pool of fantasies, and Pisces will be ethereally yours.


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