AHS ?6 is upon us!

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I have been following Ryan Murphy’s hit horror anthology show, American Horror Story,  since the first season and I have to say I adore every bit of the details they bring with so many twist and turns.



Just to give you a recap of the seasons for those that haven’t seen: (you can pick which one you would like to see because none of the seasons merge together.)

  1. AHS: Haunted House
    1. The season was a show stopper and the twist and turns about traditional ghost and spirits in the house. The cliffhangers was great all the way through.
  2. AHS: Asylum
    1. Asylum was not my favorite but I still watch it because it had great moments but could be better thought out. It was about crazy and sick patients in the most horrific manners.
  3. AHS: Coven
    1. By far, the best season of them all, Coven was about these powerful witches with different powers and who was going to be chosen to run the house at the end…you will never guess.
  4. AHS: Circus
    1. Circus was tricky, twisted, funny but serious. I thoroughly enjoyed circus. It was fresh and the new characters made it great. It was the same spark from ASH 1.
  5. AHS: Hotel (Lady Gaga first appeared)
    1. Hotel is about this guy struggling with his wife and the death of their child but even that has its twist and turns. It was good but not great. Like there was a lot of wondering about different things to come and then GAGA showed her acting skills very well. Kudos to her!
  6. AHS: Roanoke
    1. It was good but it could have been better. The movie team going to chase some past horror story for another story to another horror story. Wait, that would be something I would write. I enjoyed most of it. The skin peeling was gruesome. Killing off everyone was like watching Game of Thrones. Don’t love the character because they could get chopped.




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