Infamouskalel’s Top Horror Films

Image result for chucky, michael myers, freddy and jason

I absolutely love Horror movies and Sci Fi movies. I had to share my Top 10 for you all:


  1. All Chucky Movies (Child’s Play 1, 2, 3, Bride of Chucky; not so much the last two)
  2. All Halloween movies; Micheal Myers is stone cold the best.
  3. All Friday the 13ths; anything with Jason
  4. All Nightmare on Elm Street; anything with Freddy crazy self
  5. Hellraiser Movies
  6. Silence of the Lambs
  7. All the Saw movies
  8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies; old and remakes
  9. Stephen King movies; IT and The Shining
  10. Scream collections

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