G.Y.M. Week 2-Coming to Terms

Okay young spirit of joy, that you are. Again, it is okay to express yourself in this area. No judgement or faughts coming from this site. You are completely safe in this bubble.

The first thing is knowing yourself. Who are you?

  • Do you like to put on your mom’s scarves, heels, wear towels or wash rags, on your head?
  • Do you like to play with barbie dolls or cabbage patch kids?
  • Do you like the idea of makeup and doing hair?
  • How are your mannerisms? Your body movement?
    • Do you like to switch when you walk?
    • Do you get picked on for who you are in school?
    • Do the kids make fun of you and call you ‘gay’?
  • Ultimate question: What arouses you?
    • I ask this because it is usually something very quiet that you are keeping to yourself.
    • Do you feel a higher attraction towards another boy or a man verses a girl/woman?
  • If you are aroused by another boy/man,
    • Which part arouses you? His body, bulge, butt, lips, eyes, legs, arms.

For now, if you have answered yes, a sentence, or a paragraph….my friend, you are gay to some degree. This is also, in a small way, how “gaydar” works and understanding who might be gay or who might not be gay.

Again, ‘gay’ is just a sexual preference, you could be bisexaul and don’t even know it but this is the start of our journey together. You have my support 100%. You are not alone in this.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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