G.Y.M. Week 4 -Being Bullied is Tough


The one word I believe every young gay man has experienced growing up. It is also the one word that is affects a large amount of gay men till this day. It is familiar with the same: if a white man calls a black person a “nigger”; It is also a word with little people hating the word “midget”.


What about these?

  • “FAG”
  • “you gay”
  • “fruity ass”
  • “hey! he has a girl voice”
  • “gay ass nigga”
  • “queer”
  • “punk”
  • “sissy”
  • “aids case”
  • “You walk like a girl”
  • “You act like a girl”
  • “God will kill you”

Sounds familiar?

Trust me, I feel your pain. I have cried many times over and over. Not knowing who to turn to for advice or who would look out for you because let’s face it, school days are hard. These words hurt to the core and it saddens me that people like yourself are still being bullied by either girls or guys because you are a little different then them. They are just self-centered  and focused on being popular.

You are MORE than the word “faggot”. You have to learn to stand up for yourself at any cost. When you learn this, it will become so much easier to be yourself in light of adversity from your peers; in school and out of school.

I know it is hard. Just know, it is the universe’s way of strengthen you for a later battle. Maybe you are not a fighter, but eventually you will get tired of the name calling.

STAND UP against those dudes/girls and you will feel better, I promise you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to somebody. Email me and we can discuss whatever is bothering you.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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