G.Y.M. Week 8 -Gay Apps and Infamous Catfishing

The one question to be asked in almost every conversation on  gay app! No Lie!

This topic I know too well and I have seen, experience, been up and down with these apps. It is good in some areas and horrible in others.

Let me not deter you from finding your “sweetheart”  but I do want to speak REALITY with this topic. I’m sure all my gays can relate to what is about to be said:

The gay apps that are out as of 2017: Jack’D, Hornet, A4A, BGC, Grindr, Boyahoy, Scruff, Daddyhunt, Gaydar, Romeo, Surge, Tindr,  and Grizzly.

I have been on ALL. I feel like such a whore but since I was 18 finding a “potential mate” is hard because guys are not trusting or truthful.  Not everyone but some.

You can find some great friends on gay apps BUT some only want to be your friend to get in your pants.

I always recommend using your gaydar  to find a guy/friend in public places/events, if you can.

The apps just makes it faster based on your geographical location and if you are shy guy. Which is amazing but there are many people who don’t say who they are on the apps.  Like a snapshot before you get to the real dude inside.

You MUST weed through the lies and deception.  If the guy can’t give you more than 10 pictures, a video, video chat, or call you on the phone…..DO NOT CONTINUE TO WASTE YOUR TIME!

CAT-FISHING someone else is a real epidemic but thanks to smart phones you can’t do but so much moving forward.

There is so much more to this topic is is astonishing the stories and outcomes.





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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