G.Y.M. Week 10–A True Gay Journey

It has been a pleasure to reach out to my wonderful young gay men.
These post, I know will be forever in the loop of time and there for you when you need them.

I will always be here as a mentor to uplift you and bring you positive energy to your world as I know how hard it can be to understand the “gay community” as a whole. Just know you have a friend in need.

I encourage you to find your voice within yourself and be yourself over all things. Live your dreams and be happy. Love thy self always!

It is now time for me to move on to another endeavor of my own…..publishing my books!

My fantasy drama will be out later this year, Fall 2017. Changes in his Veins.

My gay drama book will be out in 2018! Be prepared, lots of deception & drama in stored! 

To recap the movement,

  1. Week : Gay Youth Movement 
    1. You learned who I am and the journey WE are taking together.
  2. Week 2: Coming to Terms
    1. You learned about learning who you are; within yourself.
  3. Week 3: Exploring the Itch
    1. You learned about reacting on your thoughts and the urge in-between your legs.
  4. Week 4: Being Bullied
    1. This time we dive into a topic that almost every gay has encountered growing up.
  5. Week 5: DL vs Coming Out Part 1
    1. We touch base on DL men and possibly coming out.
  6. Week 6: Gay Sex Basics
    1. The sexual aspect of being gay.
  7. Week 7: Coming Out Part 2-VIDEO
    1. Different ways to come out
    2. Plus my coming out video from long time ago.
  8. Week 8: Gay Apps and Catfishing
    1. You learned about the many gay apps and things to look out for
    2. Catfishing is real; be safe and cautious.
  9. Week 9: What Gay are You?
    1. You was given a fresh list of the many communities within the male side of the gay community.
    2. Have you found yourself yet?
  10.  Week 10: Be yourself, love yourself, and live your dreams.

I am sure there is something I missed in the process but I am always here in case you may have questions, concerns, fears, don’t have anyone to talk to, you are scared for whatever reason, I don’t care. A closed mouth doesn’t get feed.

Don’t forget to find me on all social media under the tag Infamouskalel and Mjking !




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Fan Page: M.J.King

Instagram: authormarcusjking

Twitter: infamous_kalel

Youtube: MJK0386

Tumblr: infamouskalel, infamouskalel2


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