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Sometimes you just need a little push of hope

Year in Review 2016

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Where to begin? So much has happened:

  1. The start of the year was cool because I had a goal in mind for a major change.
  2. One of my friends encouraged me to do better with my circumstances and move to TX.
  3. After much thought and debate, I broke up with the fiance for many reasons (2 Years, 2 Long post) and it was the best decision over my soul/calling.
  4. I moved to TX, drove 25 hours! My most longest drive ever! 🚙
  5. Saw New Orleans for the first time, that was great!
  6. Struggled for 3 months and found my own place which I love.
  7. Found a better understanding of myself and who I am and what direction I need to go in.😇
  8. Worked 3 jobs💡
  9. I learned to keep grinding harder than I could even imagine.
  10. Met some great people, as usual.😎
  11. I finished the book✒📚….Stay tuned!🙌
  12. To top it off, met a great soul for positivity in my life. 👬

“Only you can change your future….The path is there..You just have to put negative people to the side and FOCUS on what you was created to do…To BE AWESOME”—-Marcus J. King

Happy New Year Everyone!




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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In Due Time

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Finding myself is harder than what, some, may believe or may not believe.

After  what I have been through, in the past, you tend to want more out of life then the normal working a job and go home ordeal.

I am learning that life is bigger and better when you appreciate waking and living.

I know I was created for a purpose, to myself and for others.

I always show and prove; to be better than who I was yesterday.

My “calling” is at the edge of the cliff and all I have to do is grab it with open arms.

I am taking a LEAP of faith.

Signed: Marcus J. King



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Laughter is a Spiritual Blessing

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If you are having a bad day or going through somethings, just laugh. Find something to make you laugh. Hell it’s about 20 million apps out here that has something funny on it. Laughter is joy to the soul.

Here some of the most greatest people that help me get through my days . . .

On Instagram (and probably other social media sites) we have:

They are all amazing in everyway but I am thankful for them creating great content!



Being Thankful and Happy

“Sometimes you have to take a step back and count the blessings you have received and be thankful for it all.

You are breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, and LIVING, most of all. You are experiencing a new day.

Make the most out of your day because the future is upon you!”

—Marcus J. King

Where and Who are you Part 2

By: Marcus J. King

Who I am?  I am that special friend that you need so stop looking, I am more than you dreamed, more than you seek and I am the truth the one that you desire…

When I’m weak you are my strength. Every time I call you dry my tears and erase my fears, I really don’t deserve you, but who are you? I seek and search till I can no longer. I see you coming but I am unaware to see and know, who you are. Been there done that but still no hopes of seeing this face, I have been longing to know, who are you? I know you are there but I cant reach, cant feel, cant hear the voice that I long to whisper in my ear. Who are you__________? So you say that you want love someone like I, here I am no longer do you have to worry, or cry. Here I am but where and who are you? I long to know. I have to know, I burn to know, I must know, I’m looking but where are you, who are you?  You can’t tell me that your not out there, and that I don’t care. I already know to much about you. You cant tell me that I wont cry, you can’t tell me that June isn’t before July, see I know for myself, that you are going to love me for me. See I know that I may not deserve you, I may not be worthy for the love you have within, I’m here to heal your heart, from hurt, pain, and quilt, who are you? You can tell me that you don’t wonder why, I will love you the way that I do, I can love you far than you dear to dream, but who are you. I cant move on until I find out who it is that you are. Who are you?

Do you dare to dream because you feel there’s no need. Do you dare not to dream because you feel there isn’t a chance, Everyone is a believer, he or she can have all that one may desire, when I dream I dream to see that special love that one can not only see or envision while one is at rest peacefully but I dare to dream and long for a special being within in my life someone that can be my day, my night the midst of every engagement that I may partake through-out the day. I dare to dream because what I ask for has not yet fell upon me, I am not a man of much but I know the things that I am capable of , I know what’s right and I know what’s wrong, when you find true love and believe deep within yourself that you can make someone happy by just being by there side, you don’t have to shower me with gifts or fancy items, don’t get me wrong they are nice but I dare you to dream……

I dare you to dream if that’s all you know, I dare you to dream if you have hope to believe, I dare to dream because I know what awaits for someone as myself, I am a strong mindful being who has nothing to fall for but will stand for everything that I know. I have a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind because I dare to dream. Will you be that friend that I dream of……

Walking away from what is easy is one of the hardest things that you can do but you will be surprised of the opportunities that await you once you make that first step. 💁

Walking away from what is easy is one of the hardest things that you can do but you will be surprised of the opportunities that await you once you make that first step. 💁

Wow makes sense!

Comments always welcomed!

Turning 3-0



I thought turning 30 would be this sad day where I am getting older, sad, depressed. Even though what I wanted to do hasn’t happened just yet, I feel really good that turning 30 is a huge stepping stone in my life.

  • 30 years of dreaming
  • 30 years of changes
  • 30 years of learning
  • 30 years of growth
  • 30 years of respect and honor for those I love
  • 30 years of my dear family
  • 30 years of LOVE in general

Life is so much more then an age. It is about living life. Even though I was supposed to be on in New Zealand right now or the west coast, I am very happy to be alive to see 30 and hope that I see 30 more (‘greys’ and all’ lol)


Pathways 7: A trip in the future

Hey everyone,

I am planning a trip SOMEWHERE for my 30th birthday around March 29, 2016. I am having trouble deciding where to go.

Here is my list:

  • Alberta, Canada
  • Seattle, WA
  • San Francisco, CA

These are my top 3, as I know the weather is either going to be nice or cold but either way I always get away for my birthday.

Give me some advice, I am dying to read them.