What was America Thinking

I just have to speak on it because it’s important to say: “2016 is the year of the election. Whatever happens in the coming months and years of Donald Trump’s term is because of all the red states and voters who voted for him” If we get our taxes raised…lose jobs,…go to war with another […]

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Rio Time!

I always get overly excited about the Olympics. I am not into sports that much but the Olympics and the Winter Olympics is everything to me. I will be glued to the tv or online stream just to see what is going on. 4 Years ago I told myself I wanted to go to the […]

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Missing 3 Kings

Linwood L. King aka Han King (Grandfather) I miss my grandfather so much. His birthday passed recently and I don’t know why I am having a hard time handling this. It has been a long time since his passing. I just want my handshake and hug again. His voice saying “babyyyy” as he walked through […]

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Year in Review 2015

Where to start? Have you all had a good year? My year started off on a rocky note and is ending on a good note. In the long run I made it through in one piece. Let’s see: I found a good paying job Got some important technology that I never had before Went out of town […]

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Year in review 2014

2014 was a ruff and rocky year for me with the transition from VA to NC. I must say that it was kind of worth it when you at all that happened throughout. It helped me grow as a person and for that I am grateful. I had a new years resolution for 2014 and […]

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Pathways 4: Act Like a Success

I read Steve Harvey’s book and I am just surprised all around. It’s a very encouraging book. I’ve always wanted to speak to Steve Harvey for just an 30 minutes to an hour out of his day and just talk about life and what I can do to improve my situation. This book is everything […]

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