Year in Review 2016

Where to begin? So much has happened: The start of the year was cool because I had a goal in mind for a major change. One of my friends encouraged me to do better with my circumstances and move to TX. After much thought and debate, I broke up with the fiance for many reasons […]

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What was America Thinking

I just have to speak on it because it’s important to say: “2016 is the year of the election. Whatever happens in the coming months and years of Donald Trump’s term is because of all the red states and voters who voted for him” If we get our taxes raised…lose jobs,…go to war with another […]

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Pathways 11

I hope you all are enjoying past posts as much as I love sharing new and exciting content with you all. COMMENTS WELCOMED!!!  I have been so busy working 2 jobs and getting my 4th draft in place for editing. ( No time for errors) I will be published in the year 2017. I am […]

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Being Thankful and Happy

“Sometimes you have to take a step back and count the blessings you have received and be thankful for it all. You are breathing, seeing, hearing, touching, and LIVING, most of all. You are experiencing a new day. Make the most out of your day because the future is upon you!” —Marcus J. King

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Fatherless Man

By Marcus J. King Taught myself the way of the land. Mom did the best she could. It was hard for me growing up. Looking back….I needed a male figure in my life. I wouldn’t be this sad today. I keep to myself a lot because I can do a lot on my own. But […]

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Year in Review 2015

Where to start? Have you all had a good year? My year started off on a rocky note and is ending on a good note. In the long run I made it through in one piece. Let’s see: I found a good paying job Got some important technology that I never had before Went out of town […]

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Pathways 10: Words of Creation

I look back at my pathways.  I have great progression and transitions this year than any other year. My pathways keep me on track for the goals I have in mind. My final pathway for 2015 is perfecting my craft. Nothing is perfect in writing but I can sure get close to that level. I […]

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