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What was America Thinking

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I just have to speak on it because it’s important to say:

“2016 is the year of the election. Whatever happens in the coming months and years of Donald Trump’s term is because of all the red states and voters who voted for him”

If we get our taxes raised…lose jobs,…go to war with another country….it will be because of this year in time and space, 11/9/2016 2am EST, that would have made a difference for the future.

Now if positive things come from this election then so be it but I think we should have had better candidates from the start. Its just not looking good folks.

To Trump supporters: What direction is America really going in?

Halloween Day!

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Let the Halloween festivities continue,

So tonight is the night the kids dress up and get loads of FREE candy.

I just have one thing to say,


*takes the safety off gun*. . . . .”Not my kids!”

Homeless Coins: Real or Not real?

Has anyone noticed, homeless people have been more widespread when it comes to being at the most busiest traffic areas?

On one side of the coin, their are “wannabe homeless people” who are out there looking raggedy but driving a nice car around the corner and has a home, all for a hard days work….. walking the curve.

I saw one homeless lady, with a Iphone 6 plus on the corner trying to get money. Well who was she texting then and acting like she was disabled. That same person(s) can help her.

I saw one guy, what looked like his dad or grandfather in a wheelchair. I gave him a few coins. Tell me why, the next day, the grandfather or father was walking that same corner with no wheelchair. I believe they are faking it badly.

The other side, of that same coin, are people who are actually struggling to make it out there with no home, clothes, food, etc. Has to deal with terrible weather conditions outside.

I get that you have fallen on some hard times and it sucks like hell, literally, you are outside in 100 to 20 degree weather trying to get coins. I get it because I was at my lowest at one point.

I just wish there was some better support groups for the real homeless folks in the USA; in every state.

Share your homeless good deeds or things you have noticed!

Mistakes and Overcoming them

I need people to understand me a little bit. I have made some terrible mistakes rather chooses on the wrong road of life in my past and when I look back I feel like I should have did some things differently and maybe my life wouldn’t be where it is right now. (granted the decisions I have made, has put me in the place that I am). I am very upset with a particular individual but I won’t say names but having a repo on my record hurts me a lot because I cannot trade my car in for another one until that repo is paid(5gs) or I could file bankruptcy to just clean it all up. Tragically, I am thinking of doing that to live a new leaf in life. Yesterday I went to my old apartment and just felt like things could have been so much better had someone helped out a great deal instead of having me stress to the heavens and hell. BUT that is neither here nor there because that time taught me to never to it again when someone cheats on me. I would love to have my own apt/condo soon if possible. I felt at home when I was on my own in my own apartment. Now I am living with a roommate and sometimes that is too much to deal with because you have to be courteous of others. I don’t like nosey people and I just want to let that be known. I know one thing I need to get back on track and on the right path to success because I need money like yesterday. 

Relationship wise (y’all know how I do):
I feel like I just want to have fun and have sex with guys. It that so wrong, as long as I am being safe? Granted I do want a relationship, for the right one, but  I am sex deprivedright now and all I want to do is pull out a magnum and fuck a guy really good. Honestly, for the right guy I will stop my “player-ish” ways and just settle down with someone and be one with each other. No one seems to fit that glove because I am A LOT to handle….their is no way around that. If they do fit the glove, they have like a billion faults and/or our personalities don’t mesh well. Oh well, we will see what happens. Until then, single it is. I will just stay hard working for what I want out of life and maybe some guy will come along and just take my breath away.

Future Happiness

Happiness. Something I yearn for everyday. I find happiness in the money that I have, the food on the table, friends to hang out with, friends that I can go to for advice, although I may not heed it the way they want me too. Also in family that I adore with my life. I love these people and things so much that I must express how much money is involved within all of this. Money actually makes me happy. The sad part is when it all disappears and you end up back broke because you paid every bill you could.

If I had enough money, I would always do things for my friends (without feeling used), I would definitely do many things with family like pay for trips for all of us to go on and experience life in a NEW way. Everything requires money expect for love. I need “money happiness” or money satisfaction.

I ask GOD everyday to place me in a financially stable position to be known for something great and make a name for myself in this world because you only live once.

To be Cont…..

Angry Birds: an addiction?

Some of you may know but some of you don’t but I am sooooo ADDICTED to ANGRY BIRDS. OMG! It is the best game in a long time that I have played on my phone. I mean, I get so caught up in  it that it makes me mad when I can’t beat that green pig in that corner or get that special golden egg or get 3 stars. Ughhh! Do you get mad too???

I start off playing the game for a few reasons: 1) stress reliever 2) fun to play 3) because I want a better high school and 4) to beat that level I couldn’t beat a few hours ago. LOL LMAO I mean I be into the game! Sometimes it makes me want to throw the phone across the room but all in all it a AWESOME GAME. They supposed to be coming out with a new theme for the original. I WILL BE ON THAT ONE TOO. Already beat Angry Birds Rio. That was fun too.

I need to be playing it now. I can go on and on about it but for those that haven’t played it. Get Google Chrome and you can play it too. If you have a smartphone, download the app “angry birds” and boom you are in business and guess what……..ITS FREE! Can’t go wrong with that either. Till next time….miracles and blessing people, miracles and blessings.
Angry Birds Free

Feeling Some Kind of Way Part 2

So today, I feel as if things are slowing down for me and him. Knowing that he is going to move on with his life and I’m going to move on with mines. This song: Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) gets me every time when my thoughts are wrapped around him in casing his heart and never letting it go but did I actually have it at first, who knows. Knowing that now I must move on to bigger things and not rest in this state that I am in. To be honest I don’t know what else I could say to him because I’m sure it wouldn’t even help. I feel like: Where Do We Go From Here? (album version) by Tweet because I have no clue as of right now. He doesn’t want to open up to me and I’m going to “close up shop” for him. Well till next time, love for him has passed and I’m moving on. Maybe later, things will be better. Peace and Luv Pudin’s!

"Feeling Some Kind of Way" Part 1

 “Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.”—Bertrand Russell

I only can imagine what you may be thinking right now but as of right now, I am single once again but have fallen for another. So to bring you up to speed, the guy I was talking to in the ‘love’ post is now over but the emotions that ran in that post run deep for me when I finally love ‘someone’. I only can express myself through that deep, tight, pulsating not in my heart that has chains and bob wires around it. I’m the type that doesn’t trust easily. In friendship, I have been burned quite a few times (now I’m guarded). In love, I have been burned, every time. It’s never me, it’s always them and there “so called emotions”. Maybe in some way they are protecting themselves as I am to me. Who knows?

With that said, I like this guy who will be called “R.’BF’.S.”(His initials). [The title is something he says quite a bit.] I’m not going to use real names in my post(s). He and I have been talking for quite a while since July 2009. We are good friends now. From then till now, I have ALWAYS liked him with lots of emotions. When he turned me down the first time, I was hurt because the reason was “iffy” to me, like a brush off to move on to the next but with time he came around to me again. I honestly have to say I ADORE him. I never want to see him hurt and be in pain in any way. He knows this. He knows that I am always there for him when he needs me.

Recently, he needed to borrow my car to go somewhere didn’t ask him where or nothing like that and asks to put gas in my car either. Now, for my friends who know me, know that I don’t let ANYONE drive my car unless, I am sick and I need you to go to the store for me. Not even my mom or best friends drive my car because my car is my biggest independent thing that I take care of. With that said, I let him use my car. Was I just being nice? Or did I really love him? Well……I was nervous at first but when he brought my car back, first I was surprised and I felt overjoyed because I don’t do that for anyone. My car is a symbolic piece of my soul, it’s my love and for who I am to the fact that I love me. My car and I have a strong bond. Whoever drives my car, I have to have a strong love for also. Now if my mom ask to use my car (which is rare because she wants me to drive her around), but in turn I would let her but like friends it’s different. I love everyone I know but for someone as R.BF.S. I have a special love for him that he can only imagine……

To be continued……

Loving and Being In Love

The art of love is expressed by in inner glow of satisfaction and caring that is mostly inside someone and then giving it back to someone showing that particular love and more.–M.J.King

Just loving someone is important because that’s the family love, friendship love, best friend love. It doesn’t go further then that most of the time.
Being IN Love is similar to loving but you take your love to the next level of satisfaction for a certain individual. This is more so when you love your partner because you too have an emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual connection that you don’t have with family, friends, and best friends.

I am falling for this guy pretty fast. We have been friends for two years and it feels different falling for someone like him because over the past two years he as always been there for me. Whenever and however I needed him, he was always there. The only thing I asked for him is to make me the happiest man in the world to be with him. One thing that holds me back is always trust; letting that individual into my heart and soul is like the hardest thing for me. My EX did a bang up job by ruining that but I can let that stop me from loving another one who is willing to take care of me, be there for me, love me in a way that I can trust him leaving the house, going out of town by himself; Knowing we can compromise about easy and hard situations; (although couples argue), knowing that we can overcome an argument and continue with our life; knowing that we BOTH can achieve our goals and one of us doesn’t have to put anything on hold; allowing me be me all the time. There are bumps in the road in any relationship but that should always be expected when beginning and continue the relationship.
I LOVE being in long, loving relationships. That feeling that its only you and partner are against the world together and not just you alone, its a beautiful thing in my heart. He is “My Star” on the “Red Eye”-Amerie (Song)
—-Kalel King